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Punta Morales Port

Puerto Punta Morales


84°, 58', 11" W
10° 3' 45" Latitude North

Punta Morales is located in Chomes county, Province of Puntarenas. 10.0 n.m. NW of Puntarenas in the Golfo de Nicoya

This terminal is destined for the export of raw sugar, molasses and import and export of fuel alcohol.

Terminal consists of a T-Head jetty in open waters, handling the import of fuel alcohol. Exports fuel alcohol, molasses, raw sugar and wine.

Among its features are: having a docking system or dolphings through bollards and floating buoys, equipped with a navigation beacon and a cathodic protection system.

The nearest international airport is the is the Juan Santamaria, located in the city of Alajuela


The Customs authorities now stipulate that:

  1. All cargo on board of the vessel with destination Costa Rica must be manifested.

  2. The manifest and Bills of lading must be registered in the customs Systems (TICA) 24hrs before ship´s arrival

  3. Cargoes entering and have not been manifested will be confiscated in the Port´s terminals.

  4. Violations of this rules will have the following consequences:

    • Any ship that has not been entered into customs system (TICA) will not be docked.

    • Any failure to cargo manifested evident in quantities or weight, will be fined.

Documents for authorities:

  • 6 crew list
  • 6 port of call
  • 2 vacinnation list
  • 2 Ship Particulars
  • 2 Maritime declaration of Health
  • 6 nil list ( no arms, no drugs, no stowaways, etc)
  • 2 Crew list departure
  • 2 ship store declaration
  • 2 tonnage certificate
  • Original last port clearence


Direct entrance from open sea, pilot board the ship at 10 miles from port, authorities visit the vessel once docked at pier

Anchorage Area:

10 miles in front of St. Lucas Islands

Water Density:: 1,019 (salwater)


Compulsory for larger vessels. Pilot boards 10.0 n.m. off the berth in position Pilot ladder/gangway to be rigged 1.0 m. above the water on the portside as per IMPA/SOLAS requirements.

In Punta Morales, the gangway should be at portside, on 1mt of sea level. Weather conditions suitable for docking and undocking manoeuvres, subject to discretion of pilot’s office.

Información de Pre Arribo:

72hrs, 48hrs, 24 in advance


  • Max Length is 200mts
  • Max Draft is 10.97 mts (as per terminal information), pilots recommend max draft on 10,00 mts.
  • Max Channel Draft is 11.0 mts.
  • Night berthing maneouvres: not allowed
  • Air draft restriction: No
  • Tugs: compulsory
  • Shore crane available: No.
  • Services to ships: ship chandler available
  • Free Practique can not be granted upon arrival, Port Authorities must visit the vessel in order to grant Free Practique.
  • Mooring Arrangements: Ropes are required for mooring, wires are not allowed.

Quantity of piers:

Punta Morales terminal has 1 pier:

Pier Length Draft Purpose
1 200 mts 10 mts Liquid bulk cargo

Port security facilities:

All port facilities in terminal and main areas have closed circuit television monitored 24hrs, the Port’s Punta Morales has the ISPS specifications.

ISPS PSFO Contact: Alcides Picado apicado@laica.co.cr Tel: +506 2661 0120.

ISPS Compliance: Port is compliant.

Work days:

Punta Morales terminal work 24hrs 7 days per week.

Tides and currents

The maximum increase of tides is 10.37” and the smallest 7” winds speed can be very variable during the year.


BA Charts No. 1024 and 1931.

Publications: BA Pacific Coasts of Central America Pilot, NP 8.

Tamaño Maximo:

Desplazamiento de 30.000 toneladas, eslora de 190 mts., Anchura 25,0 mts., Proyecto de 10,7 mts.


Berthing during daylight hours only.


Due to the exposed nature of the berth, berthing may be delayed due to weather conditions.




T-head jetty, berth consists of loading platform and 2 fender dolphins length 71 m., with non-linked mooring dolphin length 163 m. Mooring buoys up to distance 300 m. from the centre of the berth. Berth face 151°/331°( T ). Equipped with cathodic protection system. Berth face to silo 315 m.

Cargoes handled fuel alcohol, raw sugar and molasses.

Tanker Facilities:

Shore manifold water line to manifold for wine LW 14.25 m., HW 12.21 m. Alcohol (Fuel) and molasses 8 in. × 8.0 m. flexible hose, max. pressure 150 psi, manifold height 10.97 m. Alcohol loading rate 350 tonnes/hr., molasses 200 tonnes/hr. Line capacity 500 tonnes/hr. Alcohol pipeline tank farm to berth face capacity 43.0 cu.m. Molasses pipeline tank farm to berth face capacity 45.0 cu.m.


Hospital available at Puntarenas, also private medical centers available, please contact agent.

Fresh Water:

Contact Agent.


Contact Agent.

Police / Ambulance / Fire:

Emergency Tel: 911 or 2661-0120

Weather / Tides:

Tidal Range: LW 0,3 m .; HW 2,5 m .; HHW 3,1 m .; LLW -0.3 m. (CD).

Shore Leave:

Contact Agent.

Identification Cards:



Head Office: Instituto Costarricense de Puertos del Pacifico, Puerto de Caldera, América Central, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 2634 9100, 506 2634 9105. contraloria@incop.go.cr www.incop.go.cr. Contact: Lic Sandra Hernandez Noguera, Directora Cooperaciones. Tel: +506 2634 9160. shernandez@incop.go.cr

Port Office: Punta Morales, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 2661 0120. Fax: +506 2634 4146 Máximo Alpizar malpizar@laica.co.cr www.incop.go.cr