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About Us

Transmares Shipping Agency Costa Rica

F Founded in 1991, with the purpose of offering personalized service for sea transport. Being in the market for more than 15 years allows us to be leaders in shipping agency, chartering, brokerage, freight brokerage and all aspects of international sea transport.

Our Department of Special projects have not only the acknowledge but the experience in handling over dimension and over height cargoes, all kind of pipes, machinery, dry bulk cargo, liquids and dangerous loads.

Since 2007 we had been appointed as the Multiport agent for Colombia.

Transmares Group

In the Transmares Group our priority is to give an answer in an effective way to all the needs of our clients in the maritime and logistics field, under the national and international standards of quality and existing legal framework.

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Our Company


The Transmares Business Group, supported by solid principles and Professionalism, offering comprehensive, sustainable and Innovative solutions at the national and international levels to meet and Stimulate the development of your team, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


In 2020 we are a consolidated Business Group whose solutions Integral logistics and international presence position him as a leader in Timely and reliable service in the markets of Colombia and Costa Rica, with An excellent work environment that generates motivation and commitment in Our human team.

Quiality Policy

In Transmares S.A.S. we seek for an answer in an effective way to our client’s needs fulfilling the national and international quality standards within the existing legal context.

To achieve our Policy we have qualified and motivated personnel, aimed to the constant improvement of our processes, and trough a close relationship with our suppliers, we make certain that the goods and services required by our organization fulfill the specifications that allow us to offer a quality service, guaranteeing the leadership, the competitiveness, market position and the profitability for the shareholders.

Security Policy

Transmares S.A.S. by means of implementation of Quality and Security Control Management Systems commits to offer a service free of illegal interventions of any kind, guaranteeing with this the integrity of the personnel, facilities and equipment reducing the risks to the minimum possible.

To obtain the fulfillment of our policy we lean on the achievement of our security goals:

  • Supply reliable and competent personnel.
  • Develop the Risk management System.
  • Carry out awareness-raising campaign about our security control management systems.

Security is an integral part of our operational process and it is a responsibility of company employees.

To achieve that our policy adapts to us in the achievement of Our security objectives:

  • Provide reliable and competent personnel
  • Develop risk management
  • Carrying out awareness and training campaigns the system in control and security

  • Program of Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    Agencia marítima Transmares, realiza buenas prácticas para evitar y prevenir operaciones de Lavado de Activos o Financiamiento del Terrorismo (LA/FT), a saber:

    • Contamos con procedimientos estandarizados que nos permiten tener un conocimiento más profundo de nuestros clientes, proveedores y partes relacionadas con nuestro negocio
    • Consultamos permanentemente y nos guiamos por las directrices establecidas por las entidades de control y supervisión.
    • Interactuamos con las autoridades de control en los temas relacionados con LA/FT
    • Participamos en las actividades que realizan las autoridades de control en relación a estos temas.